About Us

The idea for Lasting Memories was first conceived when we began looking at how to memorialize the passing of loved ones by creating a permanent memorial website in their honor. What we found was that there were many sites that offered this service, but almost all of them were littered with advertisements, offers, and subscriptions that not only devalued the memorial you were creating, but steered the focus away from your loved one.

Some of the distinguishing features of our website are:

  • We are 100% advertisement free
  • Visitors have the ability to share memories
  • There is a privacy option which allows you to share memories with friends and family or keep them private
  • E-mail notifications are sent when others share content
  • Users can add and share photos in a photo gallery
  • Visitors can light candles
  • Administrators can compose a chapter-by-chapter biography
  • Administrators can customize their memorial with one of many available design templates
  • Administrators may choose background music from our extensive gallery

From the very beginning, our team focused on making Lasting Memories easy to use. We have spared no effort in making sure that people with even modest computer skills can easily manage or add content to a website and fill it with photos, stories and more. We do not allow advertising, other than the recognition of our newspaper affiliates and their funeral home customers. We are excited about the value online memorial sites bring to our customers, and to many others who view and contribute to the memorials. Now that more and more families are creating their online memorials on Lastingmemories.com, we remain focused and committed to constantly improving our service.

The Lasting Memories Team
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