Your memorial includes many important and valuable features that makes your tribute as memorable as possible. The table below outlines many of the features offered with a Lasting Memories memorial tribute.

Share memories, compose chapter-by-chapter biography, light candles, leave other tributes in memory of your loved one.
Customize your memorial with one of many available designs.
Choice of songs to play in the background.
Select privacy option. Share memories with friends and family or keep it private.
Create personalized website address.
Receive e-mail notifications when others share content.
Add and share photos in a photo gallery. Unlimited*
Add his or her favorite songs. Unlimited*
Add HD Videos to video album. Unlimited*
Illustrate your stories with pictures, songs or videos.
* Lasting Memories typically allows unlimited photos, songs and videos, however these may be limited at the discretion of Lasting Memories. Lasting Memories does not allow the upload of offensive or copyrighted material or any other material which may be in violation of licensing or be subject to a licensing royalty. For more information, please see our Terms of Use.